The second Evening Salon this year will be held on Thursday, May 14th. Our theme for the year is “Why do the Great Books Matter?”  As we did in the first salon this year, we will be discussing one treatise from history paired with contemporary articles.
For the upcoming salon, please read the following:

Historical treatise

Leon Battista Alberti, On the Art of Building in Ten Books.

Contemporary articles (see links below)

Ruth Lorand – “In Defense of Beauty” – Link to PDF
Robert Chitham – “On Mathematics and Symmetry” – Link to PDF

Questions for discussion:

– Alberti is one of the few architectural writers who attempted to discuss the idea of “beauty.”  How does he describe beauty and what does it have to do with architecture?
– Do you think beauty is relevant to architecture today?
– Is beauty in the eye of the beholder or an inherent property of an object/building?

A few notes about salons:

– All ICAA Evening Salons are free for ICAA members
– Location: The Beaux Arts Academy, 329 S. Rio Grande Street, SLC
– ICAA Board member Paul Monson will moderate the discussion
– Light refreshments will be served at 4:30, with discussion beginning at 5.
We encourage everyone to do the readings, but you are welcome to come and join the conversation even if you only made it through a portion of them.  We look forward to a lively conversation.Toscana24te