The ICAA Utah Chapter is thrilled to announce its support of the Intermountain Sculpture Competition Invitational. The first competition was held April 22-24 at the Beaux-Arts Academy in Provo. A second competition will take place October 22-24. Follow @classicistutah and @figuresculptorsunited on social media for the latest details and photos.

The Intermountain Figure Sculpting Competition was created by sculptors for sculptors. The competition was founded in the Fall of 2020 by sculptors Andrew Joseph Keith, Jason Millward, and Leroy Transfield with the purpose of bringing talented professionals together in a friendly competition. During the competition a male or female model is hired and the artists sculpt directly from the model for 18 hours over a three day period.

The ICAA of Utah supported the competition with prizes for the winning sculptors. Through this and other initiatives we hope to conserve the rich tradition of figurative sculpture as an essential art form.

Grand Prize of the 2021 Intermountain Figure Sculpture Competition was awarded to Leroy Transfield. Judges commended his work for its pleasing proportions and knowledge of anatomy.