We just launched the ICAA Utah YouTube Channel!  

To reach a broader audience with free educational content about classical art and architecture, the ICAA Utah Chapter has begun posting videos of our lectures and classes on the video sharing website YouTube.  Starting with the “Forgotten Masters & Monuments” lecture series, new original content will be delivered regularly.

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In the “Forgotten Masters & Monuments” series Dr. Micah Christensen and Prof. Michael Djordjevitch explore art and architecture that was once renowned but has fallen out of cultural memory.

  • The Pantheon in Paris – Both church and anti-church
  • Ary Scheffer – One of the most famous and influential artists you’ve never heard of
  • Gobeki Tepe – Arguably the world’s first temple
  • Jean-Paul Laurens – One of the last French academic painters before modernism
  • And more!

There is a lot more to come in the future!
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