The ICAA Brings Classical Art Curriculum to Utah Junior High School.

“What a joy it has been to learn at the feet of classical artists and architects over the last several weeks.  Thank you for giving our students this incredible class!  I have heard from many parents and students who are thrilled with what we’ve learned.”  – Lynda Horne, Assistant Director, Carden Memorial School.


New Heights, a classical art program for Junior High students, fosters an appreciation of the practice of art and architecture through experiences in the classroom and in the field. The course introduces fundamental concepts of building, design, and architectural language to help students develop observational, creative, and critical skills to engage the built environment.  Starting in March 2018, the ICAA is introducing this exciting curriculum at Carden Memorial School in the Sugarhouse neighborhood of Salt Lake City.




Coursework includes drawing and design exercises, walking tours, and hands-on demonstrations in building craft.  We believe all students benefit from training in the arts and we are actively looking for additional schools for next year.  If you are interested in partnering with the ICAA to bring New Heights to a school in your neighborhood, please contact us at


The New Heights program was launched in 2015 at the Marymount School of New York and has expanded to other schools across the country, from Washington DC to Texas to California.

School Staff and Instructor Testimonials

“The New Heights program has helped Marymount School students make connections between the architecture in their own city, their own neighborhood, and even their own school. It has also introduced them to a shared architectural language providing a rich context to understand how place and space impact human lives.” – Concepcion R. Alvar, Headmistress at the Marymount School of New York

“The ICAA’s work with our girls comes at a pivotal time, just as they are beginning to see themselves as intellectual beings. They are hungry for new ways of thinking, new ways of problem solving, and new ways of seeing the world.” – Jillian Pagliocca, Upper Middle School Program Coordinator at the Marymount School of New York

“Participating in the New Heights (program) was such a heartening experience. The students’ enthusiasm and openness to jump right into the week was extraordinary. Teaching them about the inherent beauty of classicism, hearing about their favorite cities, and guiding them through the design process as they worked on the design challenge were highlights. Each student was unique, but they all were serious, thoughtful, and curious. While they might not all become architects one day, I sincerely hope the experience positively influences how they view the built environment. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to have taught this course.” – Michael Romero, New Heights Instructor

Student Testimonials

“The architecture program was an interesting experience for my classmates and me. In the past, architecture was not something I was interested in, but I now have more of an understanding of the terminology and artistic endeavor of classical architecture.”  Marymount School student

“I felt that the architecture project helped expand my knowledge on a subject that I was unfamiliar with before. Not only did I enjoy myself on the walking tours, but I especially found that the hands-on activities gave not only me, but also many of my friends, an opportunity to learn what would have been nearly impossible to experience without the support and guidance of the experienced teachers that taught us all so much over the course of ten weeks.” – Marymount School student