Instructor: Richard Sammons – Arthur Ross Award-winning architect from the NYC firm of Fairfax & Sammons

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March 23 (6pm-8pm) & 24 (9am-2pm)

Location: Anthony’s Fine Art & Antiques, 401E 300S, Salt Lake City, UT


Description:  Few will disagree of the importance of good proportions, but achieving it in design is often illusive, even for seasoned designers.  Proportion in Architecture is the art of adjusting the size and shape of elements such that they look good in relationship to each other and to the work as a whole. Today proportion remains a muddled and misunderstood subject even among architects that call themselves Classicist. In the design of the best classical works there are a limited series of related numerical ratios that repeat from larger to smaller scale, determining the size of each element.  Despite its importance, the subject has been mostly neglected in recent decades by major schools of architecture.  But without it the student is left to intuition and their work is merely acts of will-fullness and fancy uninformed by objective visual reason.


About Richard Sammons:  Richard Franklin Sammons is an international recognized expert in the field of Architectural proportion, having taught at the Prince of Wales’ Institute of Architecture in London, Pratt Institute in New York and the University of Notre Dame in Rome. Mr. Sammons received his B.A. at Denison University and Master of Architecture at the University of Virginia. He is a founding partner of Fairfax and Sammons Architects, established over twenty five years ago, is an award-winning architectural design firm with offices in both New York’s historic Greenwich Village and Palm Beach, Florida.