What do old books have to do with the contemporary practice of architecture? 

Come debate and discuss the relevance of old ideas on new buildings at the ICAA Evening Salons this year. Historically, salons were held in Europe and the United States to discuss important themes in art, literature, and politics. At the ICAA Evening Salons we will explore the relevance of Classical architecture in modern practice. Readings from the historic treatises will be paired with contemporary articles that provoke questions and conversation. The format is not a lecture or class, but an open dialogue. These articles will be chosen about a month before the next Salon and announced by email to the group.

We will hold 4 Thursday Evening Salons at 4pm throughout the year, so mark your calendar:


 March 19: Ancient Rome and Greece

(Reading – Vitruvius: The Ten Books on Architecture)


 May 14: The Early Renaissance

(Reading – Alberti: On the Art of Building)


 Sep 17: From the Renaissance to the Enlightenment

(Reading – Palladio: The Four Books on Architecture; Vignola: Canon of the Five Orders of Architecture)


 Nov 12: Contemporary Classicism

(Reading – Semes: The Architecture of the Classical Interior; Porphyrios: Classical Architecture)

All ICAA Evening Salons are free for ICAA members and will be held at: The Beaux Arts Academy, 329 S. Rio Grande Street, Salt Lake City.

2015 ICAA Salon Calendar